Rhubarb World Junior

The Magician robot has been built for education market and it allows young people to master the basics of robotics, design and programming.

Magician’s controlling software DobotStudio is programmed using Google blockly, which is similar to scratch programming taught at schools. The DobotStudio has integrated many features, while making it easier to control a robotic arm.

As part of Rhubarb World Junior you will learn to programme the robot to:

  • Write your name!
  • Draw a spirograph pattern
  • Dance the hokey-kokey
  • Pick’n’place blocks for O & X’s
  • Colour Sorting (with proximity sensors & conveyor belts)
  • Write your own robot command language!

To ensure a high quality experience for young people, each session is supported by two expert mentors giving a high ratio of 1:5, mentor to child. All sessions are supported by detailed project guides so young people can advance at their own pace, with support from the mentors.

As is normal practice in industry, we encourage partnership working so that young people experience being in a team and working with others. This also helps with problem solving and negotiation skills.