Rhubarb World Clubs

Rhubarb World Junior – This is aimed at young people from 8 years and upwards. It features the Dobot Magician teaches young people programming, controlling a robot, and robotics through a series of fun and interactive projects.

Rhubarb World Senior – This is aimed at young people from 12 years and upwards. It builds on Rhubarb World Junior content and teaches young people to programme an industrial robot, robots working collaboratively and robotics. In addition to the Dobot Magician the Senior clubs use the Dobot M1 robot. More details coming soon!

Industrial package – Diagenesis Technology will initially work with the partners to organise and run workshops for industry in their local area to be trained on industrial robots and applications they can develop. The Dobot CR-6 axis robot will be available in 2020 to be used in these industrial workshops. More details coming soon!