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We want to nurture a passion and capability for engineering creativity in young people.

We work closely with community centres, high tech companies, Universities, STEM Ambassadors and other partners across the region and internationally to deliver high quality, age-appropriate, scaffolded and robot activities on a weekly basis.

We want to enable our students to become the technologists of tomorrow. It’s about learning about robots, designing tomorrows robot application, building sensors and hardware for robots, and more!

Our goals are:

  • To make robotics accessible to all children and Small to Medium Enterprises
  • Create tomorrow’s technologists
  • Provide affordable robotic learning hubs for schools and industry, particularly Small to Medium Enterprises.
  • Enable SMEs to develop affordable robot applications for their needs
  • Ensure schools understand industry needs – link industry and schools

Rhubarb World® is designed around a hub’n’hub concept. Each hub will deliver according to their local requirements and interests whether it is a local community club teaching children the basics of robots or an industrial club updating industry on the application of small industrial robots.

Robot Learning Clubs

Clubs have access to laptops, Dobot Magician robots, robot tracks, visualize systems, simulation software, Raspberry Pi’s, MicroBits, etc, but it’s more than just ‘teaching coding’.

Robot Industrial Clubs

We will also aid clubs to hold industrial workshops to teach local business how they can use
small industrial robots in their business.